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15 Things To Keep In Mind Once A Hurricane Has Come & Gone

Posted on Friday, July 17 2015

We know waiting out a hurricane can be an extremely stressful situation. While getting outside to check for damage seems like the most important thing at the time, it’s (without a doubt) more important to make sure conditions are safe before you begin assessing damage.

If you’ve never lived through a hurricane (and even if you have, this is just a friendly reminder), keep in mind: your personal safety should always come first. Although sometimes costly, damages to your home and personal belongings can be fixed.

So, just imagine: a hurricane has come and gone and it’s officially safe to go outside. Now what?

  1. Continue to listen to the radio and TV for important updates
  2. Stay alert and be prepared for any additional rainfall and flooding
  3. Keep away from loose or dangling power lines and report them immediately
  4. Inspect your home for damage and take photos for insurance purposes
  5. Keep your pets close and keep an eye out for wild animals, especially snakes
  6. Avoid drinking or preparing food with tap water—it might be contaminated
  7. Check your refrigerator for food that might have spoiled during a power outage
  8. Assess any vehicle damage and, again, take photos for insurance purposes
  9. Wear protective clothing and be extremely cautious when cleaning up debris
  10. Use telephones for emergency calls only
  11. Never use a generator inside
  12. Drive only if absolutely necessary
  13. Avoid flooded roads and washed out bridges
  14. Keep an eye out for downed electrical lines
  15. Check for gas leaks

Questions? Feel free to ask.



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