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3 Small Ways Avoiding Peak Electrical Hours Can Help You Save Big

Posted on Wednesday, April 29 2015

Did you know: Avoiding peak hours can help you save money on your electricity bill? Just as there are off-peak cell phone rates and airline fares, there are off-peak periods when the cost of electricity is low! In fact, electricity rates can change by as much as 40 percent during peak hours during the day.

Typically, peak hours fall between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. every day—but there are ways to avoid peak hours. By becoming more aware of your energy use, you can save money and take advantage of low price periods. Here are few tips on how to save:

1. Household Chores

Washing dishes and laundry by hand or saving your wash for the early morning or late evening/night hours is a good alternative. Not only do dryers and washing machines eat up electricity, they can heat up your home, causing your air conditioning to work harder than it should.

2. In The Kitchen

Instead of turning to your stove top or oven, feast on no-cook sandwiches, salads or other meals that won’t heat up your kitchen. Preparing food during off-peak hours and saving for later or firing up the outdoor grill are both good ways to avoid using electricity and producing unnecessary heat in your home.

3. Air Conditioning

Temporarily change your thermostat to a warmer setting, instead using fans to circulate the air in your home.

Keep in mind: Not all companies charge higher rates during peak hours. Get smart and do some digging! Check your bill or call your electric company to see just exactly how you’re charged for your use. Any information they can provide on time-of-use plans is always helpful. The savings add up!

Questions? Feel free to ask.

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