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4 Things To Do Before Going Solar

Posted on Tuesday, February 10 2015

Investing in solar power can help to not only reduce your monthly electric bill and protect you from rising energy costs, but provide you with clean power to be proud of, as well. While there are several positive reasons to go solar, it is important to do your research, math, and follow a few simple steps before jumping on the green bandwagon.

1. Reduce energy consumption.

Although getting solar power may seem like a good alternative, renewable energy can still expensive. Making the appropriate steps to reduce your energy consumption prior to investing in solar power means any solar energy you produce on-site will offset more of your total usage. Small changes can make all of the difference, but the concept is simple: save more by using less.

2. Talk to a solar installer.

A responsible solar installer will almost always recommend that a few energy efficiency improvements be made prior to making the switch to solar power. For instance, your home may be poorly insulated. Some states even offer a higher solar rebate for applicants who have a professional home energy audit performed before solar is installed.

3. Read & assess your energy bill.

Most people have absolutely no idea how much they’re paying per kilowatt-hour for electricity. Find out your electric rates and adopt better habits during peak energy-use times. Keep in mind: it’s also important to do some research with an online solar calculator to get an better understanding of the difference between your solar and non-solar charges.

4. Look at your roof.

Does your roof receive full sunlight? Are trees or other obstructions preventing this? Does your roof face south? Check your roof and get your facts straight. In order to get the most out of your solar panels, it’s recommended that direct sunlight shines on your roof between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

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