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Beat The Summer Heat: Cool Your Home Efficientally

Posted on Sunday, August 12 2012

As the summer heat continues to increase, we’re all looking for more efficient ways to cool off in our homes without breaking the bank. While lowering the AC may be your first instinct for a quick cool-down, you’ll find yourself paying in the long run. Here are some tips to staying cool this summer:

Avoid the oven

Turning on the oven to heat food at 450 degrees will obviously heat up your home. Leaving the oven off and the hot foods for the fall and winter months, make good use of your outdoor barbeque or try investing in fresh summer foods that don’t need to be cooked. Cold fruits from the fridge and ice water will leave you feeling cooler, as well.

Air circulation

Don’t be afraid to open up the windows on a warm, but breezy day. Having numerous windows open– versus just opening the windows in the room you’re in– will help cool both you and your home off. Strategically placing fans around the house and making use of ceiling fans will also circulate outdoor air throughout your home. Remember: Heat rises.

Invest in shades and curtains

Don’t forget to close your shades and curtains during the prime heat hours. Sun beaming through an untinted window can heat up your home quicker than you might think. Be sure to shade windows on the side of your house facing the sun. It’s easier to prevent your house from warmer up than to cool it down.

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