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Beating The Florida Heat 101

Posted on Tuesday, February 24 2015

As temperatures start to get warmer and warmer, it’s not uncommon to wonder what can be done to keep your house cool and comfortable without breaking the bank. With average Florida summer temperatures getting as high as the mid-90s, finding efficient ways to keep cool during the summer will, without a doubt, be a top priority on on everyone’s “to do” list. Here are a few quick tips on how to stay cool during the warmer months:

Use ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can increase your comfort when your home’s thermostat is set at higher temperatures in an attempt to avoid high electric bills. The standard human comfort range in the summer is between 72 and 78 F. By simply turning on a ceiling-mounted paddle fan, you can provide air flow to a specific room, extending that comfort range to about 82 F.

Keep your house closed tight

While the sun shines and temperatures rise, be sure to keep any unwanted heat and humidity from getting inside of your home. Do not leave windows or doors open! Allowing hot outside air into your home will counteract the hard work your air conditioning unit is doing, which, in turn, will drive up your electrical costs.

Install blinds

By installing white window shades or mini-blinds, you can reduce solar heat by as much as 50 percent. Be sure to close blinds during the day to avoid direct sunlight from making its way into your home. If you insist on letting the sunlight in during the day, a sheer curtain can make a huge difference in the amount of heat entering your home.

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