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France TV Sport Sources LEDs For Olympic Broadcast Studio

Posted on Sunday, August 26 2012

In the midst of the Olympic games, one TV station made the decision to source LED for it’s Olympic Broadcast Studio.

Utilizing ETC’s Source Four LED profile spotlight to provide the majority of the lighting for the studio, France TV Sport, a division of France Television, rented 48 luminaries from Dushow; the supplies outfitted a temporary TV studio on the north bank of the River Thames for the duration of the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games.

The ETC Source Four CE LED Lustr+ was designed to offer a wide range of colors including high-intensity whites, soft tints and vibrant hues. The LED bulbs have the ability to move smoothly from one color to another, producing an adjustable, flattering white light while saving energy.

Source Four LEDs can be controlled directly from the video engineering panel with up to nine fixtures linked together via Powercon connectors, saving time on rigging.

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