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GE Introduced New, More Precise Dimmable CFLs

Posted on Sunday, August 5 2012

Scientists at GE have created a new generation of GE Energy Smart and Reveal light compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), bringing smooth, more precise dimming capabilities to the longer-life bulbs.

While most CFLs on the market only dim down to about 20 percent, the new GE bulbs will dim down to five percent of light output– a popular incandescent feature that previous CFLs weren’t able to mimic.

“Many homeowners have embraced CFLs for their energy savings, but they typically opted for alternative technologies in settings where dimmable lighting was needed,” says Manager of the GE Lighting Institute Mary Beth Gotti. “Customers should consider this dimmable technology in rooms where their lighting needs fluctuate.”

But enhancing ambiance isn’t all the new GE dimmable CFLs offer: Energy savings from $44 to $81 compared to standard incandescent bulbs have been seen over the life of the bulb (a rated life of approximately 10,000 hours). In addition, the bulbs provide warmer color tones and instantly brightening technology, thanks to advanced by GE.

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