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German-based Conergy To Build Largest Solar Park

Posted on Sunday, July 22 2012

German-based Conergy is doing its part to promote environmental sustainability, renewable resources and energy efficiency: Employing more than 1,300 people worldwide, the solar energy company has plans to build the largest solar park.

Located in Germany’s Saarland region, the 10.5 megawatt power plant being built on the historic Linslerhof estate will be the biggest solar installation in the area; Conergy will act as main contractor on the project and will be responsible for the installation of the park, as well as the supply of Conergy solar components.

“The planned changes to solar subsidies naturally had an influence on our decision,” says Wendelin von Boch, whose family owns the estate. “We are on a tight schedule, as the park has to be finished by the end of June. We therefore needed to find extremely reliable and professional partners, and that’s why we have turned to Conergy. We are looking for high quality, not only in planning and implementation, but also in the components– we know from experience that quality always pays off.”

In total, the solar installations on the property are expected to generate more than 10,000 megawatt hours of solar power per year. That’s enough to supply electricity to 90 percent of Saarland’s Überherrn’s approximately 12,150 population!

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