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How to Keep Your Home Cool and Efficient During the Summer

Posted on Tuesday, June 5 2012

As the hot summer months quickly approach, it’s not uncommon to wonder what can be done to keep both yourself and your home cool without breaking the bank. With temperatures rising into the 90s, this may seem like an impossible feat, but you’re in luck. Here’s some tips to keeping your house cool and efficient during the summer:

Install white mini-blinds.

Windows account for ½ of a home’s temperature increase during the summer. Installing white mini-blinds will prevent your home from heating up while the sun hits the glass, reducing solar gain by 40 to 50 percent.

Avoid using your oven.

The heat produced by an oven makes your air conditioning work harder to cool your home as it guzzles energy. Instead, use your microwave, toaster oven and stove-top grill. To save even more money, try an outside solar oven and grill and/or do the majority of your cooking at night.

Use your bathroom exhaust fan.

Turning on the exhaust fan while you’re taking a hot shower will remove much of the humid air produced from the warm water. Humidity will make both you and your home feel much warmer.

Shade your A/C unit.

Keeping your outdoor air conditioning condensing unit in the shade will help it run more efficiently. Make sure the unit has plenty of airflow, shading it with trees or bushes.

Use CFL or LED bulbs.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs use 75 percent less energy and produce up to 75 percent less heat then incandescent light bulbs, eliminating unwanted heat in your home.


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