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How to Save on Electricity Costs by Avoiding Peak Hours

Posted on Monday, March 19 2012

Did you know electricity rates can change by as much as 40 percent during peak hours during the day? Just as there are off-peak airline fares and telephone rates, there are off-peak periods when the cost of electricity is low. Typically, the highest prices in the summer will be in the late afternoon and early evening– when most people are in their home, enjoying all the benefits of electricity.

A new way to pay for your electric use, avoiding peak hours can help you save money by living more efficiently and becoming more aware of your energy use. To take advantage of the high price periods, follow these simple tips during peak hours:

  • Air Conditioning: Temporarily change your thermostat to a warmer setting.
  • In The Kitchen: Avoid cooking, instead feasting on no-cook sandwiches, salads and other meals that won’t heat up the kitchen. Firing up the outdoor grill is also a great way to avoid both using electricity and producing heat!
  • Household Chores: Save laundry and dish washing for the early morning or late evening hours.

To learn more about off-peak periods, check your bill and call your electricity provider.

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