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Maui Electric Company: Wind Powering An Island

Posted on Tuesday, July 31 2012

Maui Electric Company (MECO) is doing things right: The Hawaiin-based company recently embarked on an alternative energy program to maximize the exploitation of prevailing winds on the island.

MECO’s efforts will add an additional 21 megawatts of wind farm electricity production capacity with a 10 megawatt energy storage solution will be provided by Xtreme Power; the storage installation has the ability to control commands to the Xtreme Power’s Dynamic Power Resource (DPR), rapidly charging or discharging the power delivered to the utility.

In other words: Whether or not the wind blows, the utility can command the storage system to discharge electricity onto the grid while a generator is brought online.

Integrating the DPR with the Kaheawa Wind Power II site will save on utility operating costs associated with burning the expensive fossil fuels MECO usually relies on, reducing the company’s carbon footprint while providing cleaner, cheaper electricity to Maui residents.

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