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Remote Monitoring

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Remote Generator Monitoring!

Remote Monitoring is a new program in which we install a small device inside your generator that will transmit diagnostic information to us electronically.  It is similar to your home alarm system, but for your generator.

How it works: If any alarms go off on your generator (ex: battery not charging, battery dead, generator failed to exercise, low oil pressure etc…), we will be notified immediately via email and text message.  Should we receive such an alert, we will notify you the following business day to schedule a service call.  This is a great way to be proactive instead of reactive, thus greatly reducing your chance of not knowing that something is wrong until your power goes out.

Power Generation, Inc. is a fully qualified Guardian/Generac service dealer for stand-by units. We offer a variety of maintenance plans to fit everyone’s needs and budget.

Contact us today to discuss what maintenance plan is right for you!