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To DIY Or Not To DIY: That Is The Question

Posted on Saturday, November 22 2014

Everyone loves a DIY project.

With search engines at our fingertips, it seems as though no project is too difficult to take on– especially when step-by-step instructions are available, right? Wrong! Any project involving electricity should be approached with extreme caution.

Always keep in mind that electrical work is governed by codes– from wires to cable connectors– and usually exist for a safety-related reason. Code violations can be potentiality hazards; not to mention, hard on your wallet.

Yes, replacing an old ceiling fan or oulet, installing a dimmer switch and changing a dead light bulb are all relatively safe and easy DIY projects, but most at-home electrical tasks should be left to the professionals.

Here are some common home upgrades that you should never, ever attempt yourself:

  • Running new cables or wires for a new outlet
  • Installing new electrical circuits
  • Installing major appliances on existing circuits

When in doubt, always call an a professional. Aside from the obvious risks of electrocution, you may also run the risk of costly repairs or an incomplete project. Let us know the task at hand and sit back, relax and watch us do the work for you!

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