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What To Know To Keep Your Family & Home Safe During A Hurricane

Posted on Thursday, July 2 2015

It’s true that experts are predicting 2015 to be a quiet hurricane season—but that doesn’t mean a storm can’t hit. In fact, sometimes, it seems like a potentially threatening storm can form almost as quickly as you can begin to mutter the word “hurricane”! It’s important to keep in mind, however, there are several things you can do to ensure your home and family stay safe when a hurricane does show it’s face.

Once a watch or warning has been issued, it’s important to be prepared to evacuate your home if you:

  • Are directed by local authorities to do so
  • Live in a mobile home or temporary structure
  • Live in a high-rise building
  • Live on the coast or floodplain, near a river, or on an island waterway

Once a storm is in your immediate area, it’s imperative that you stay up-to-date and safe by:

  • Listening to local radio or television broadcasts
  • Turning off all utilities
  • Setting your refrigerator and air conditioner to the coldest setting
  • Filling your bathtub and other large containers with water for cleaning, flushing the toilet and drinking (if necessary)
  • Avoiding telephone use, except for an emergency
  • Staying indoors during the hurricane and away from windows and glass doors
  • Closing all interior doors and securing and brace external doors
  • Keeping curtains and blinds closed
  • Staying aware, despite lulls—this is typically the eye of the storm and winds will pick up again
  • Taking refuge in a small interior room, closet, or hallway on the lowest level
  • Lying on the floor under a table or another sturdy object
  • Avoiding elevators

Questions? Feel free to ask.

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