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Why DIY Isn’t Always The Best Option

Posted on Friday, March 20 2015

While installing the occasional dimmer switch, replacing an old ceiling fan, and changing a dead light bulb are all relatively easy and safe DIY tasks, some at-home electrical projects should be left to the professionals.

Although doing it yourself may seem like the cheaper and easier route, passing the task of certain common home upgrades could keep your wallets—and even your safety—out of harms way by having a professional ensure a project is properly completed. It’s important to know when to step back, take off the do-it-yourself hat, and make a phone call to your local electrician.

Projects such as running new cables and installing electrical circuits and major appliances on existing circuits are all projects to pass onto a professional due to the obvious risk of electrocution. Keep in mind: repairs from a faulty DIY project might be necessary, as well. Installing cables on a box that is near or over capacity can lead to fire or electrocution!

It’s always best to keep in mind that electrical work is governed by codes—from wires to cable connectors—which usually exist for a safety-related reason. Code violations can be potentially hazards and extremely expensive. Try out DIY in other parts of your home, but leave the electrical projects to a professional.

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