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Why you shouldn’t always do it yourself — call a professional!

Posted on Tuesday, September 6 2011

Since the dawn of time, humans have been empowered to take it upon themselves to complete challenging tasks. The rewarding feeling of rolling up your sleeves and creating something that works is an amazing one. The advent of the internet has made it even easier for DIY enthusiasts to perform tasks once done solely by trade professionals — but, as respectful as it is to “go it alone”, it isn’t always the best idea.

Some DIY is fine

While installing the occasional dimmer switch or replacing an old ceiling fan is relatively easy and safe, there are some projects that shouldn’t involve a Google search and should involve some professional help.

Some DIY should be avoided

Common home upgrades that pass into the realm of “call a professional” include running new cables, installing new electrical circuits or installing major appliances on existing circuits. Aside from the obvious risks of electrocuting yourself or the family dog, you also run the risk of costly repairs. Installing cables on a box that is near or over capacity can lead to electrocution or fire. Additionally, “splicing” — an all-too-common malady — is rarely used in professional electrical work.

Try explaining electrical damage or a fire to your insurance adjuster when the work wasn’t done by a licensed, insured electrical contract. Every facet of electrical work is governed by some sort of code — from wires to cable connectors to simple distances. The codes exist for a reason (usually safety) and code violations can be very expensive.

Call a professional

Let us know what you’re looking to do and we’ll tell you how much it would cost. No obligation, no worries. You can sit back and sip lemonade while we do all the dirty work.

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